View the following LSAT Tips.

Using an Official LSAT PREPTEST, make at least 20 copies of the SCANTRON sheet included. This is how I prepared for the LSAT. By making copies of the sample SCANTRON in the practice test booklet, you can simulate the actual test environment. Use these copies during practice and preparation. It helped me. I made multiple copies because I did many past actual LSAC LSAT administered tests.  Be sure you use a number 2 pencil and bubble in your answers.


 Make sure that you do at least 7 timed tests two weeks prior to actually taking the LSAT. Doing timed tests helps a lot. It will let you know how to pace yourself. Remember that you want to be carefully answering questions but you want to be quick in answering them too. Taking timed tests will help you in this area.


Figure out a plan of action for answering questions for each section. Create your own plan and see what works for you. Although there is a lot of information and books on how to prepare for the test, but if you do not have your own method to answering each question correctly or a least most of them correctly, you will be lost on test day.

Consume vitamins that enhance your energy. You will need energy to prepare for the LSAT. B vitamins are good for energy boosting.


Read twice the introduction of The Official LSAT PREPTESTs that you purchase. These introductions explain why the test makers created each section and gives you a better understanding of them. I did this and I am grateful they included this information.


During a break from preparing for the LSAT, go to the American Bar Association’s website or go to a general bar association’s website. Read up on information about the bar. This will get you in the mindset of I am in law school now and it will prepare you for the future. You will know what is to come as far as the bar is concerned. If you are taking a 15 minute break, this is a good way to get your mind off of the LSAT for a little while.


Be sure that you take practice tests under simulated conditions. You can even have a friend be your test proctor in a quiet room and have them make announcements on how much time you have left for each section. Like they can tell you that you have five minutes remaining for a section. This is what typically happens during the actual tests. If you do this during practice, you will be used to it during the actual test day.


The day before the test you could do something fun, if you want so you will not stress your brain out about the test.

Be sure to leave early and arrive to the testing site at least 10 minutes before you are scheduled to be there. This gives you some time to find the site, if you do not know where it is or do not know where the testing room is at the designated site.