Makeup, Hair, law school and the working adult

You may want to look dolled up while you are in law school to boost your confidence.

If you have curly, wavy or natural hair, below are some tips.


1. Stop using chemicals. This may be obvious but some people who have been natural for less than a year go back to relaxing their hair totally or use a texturizer. So, if you want to be natural and stick to it, stop using chemicals.

2. When transitioning, do not use heat. Heat can damage your hair. If you do only use heat to straighten your natural hair once every three months.

3. Subscribe to Naturally Curly's Blog. This blog is a great resource of information on curly hair whether you have 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, or 4c hair.  The company's website also feature products formulated for curly hair. 

4. Use Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother. This is some good stuff. That is my opinion. Apple Cider Vinegar has many uses. It is good for washing your hair. I love it for this. It clarifies your hair and scalp pretty good. The smell of apple cider vinegar is strong but I love it to cleanse my scalp and hair.

5. Use flexirods and strawsets when you are transitioning. 

These styles are good for blending the two textures of hair.

6. Curly hair can be dry. Make sure you moisturize your hair. Use water, aloe vera juice for your hair cuticle and seal with shea butter, mango butter or extra virgin coconut oil cold press. There are many uses for coconut oil. I love to use on my hair. Coconut oil does not cost much either. Check link below for the coconut oil I use. 

7. Don't let your family, friends or coworkers get you down about your natural hair. Do not get discouraged, if you receive negative comments. 

8. Use a seamless comb. This way your hair won't snag on seams if you use a comb with seams. Snagging can break your hair.

9. You can braid your hair while transitioning or newly natural. This is a good protective style for natural hair.

10. Cut Single Strand Knots Carefully.

11. Make sure you are doing regular trims. You say, "How often should I trim my hair?" You should trim your hair at least every seven months or when needed (I recommend).

12. Do not compare your progress with anyone else whether it is hair length or curl pattern.

13. Do not obsess over curl definition.

14. Use Original Moxie Hair Products. I love the company's shape shifter. I get very nice twist outs on my natural hair when I use it. 

15. Use Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine. Nourish and Shine contains shea and mango butters.

15. Try Terressentials Hair Care: Try the Organic Hair Wash or Mud Wash to cleanse your hair. It is amazing. It is a non-sulfate shampoo. This mud wash clarifies your hair. I use the Lavender Garden Hair Wash. It does not contain parabens, protein thickeners or coating agents, according to the company's website. 

18. Make an album to document your natural hair journey.

19. Make Youtube videos and post your progress on your Youtube Channel. If you do not have a Youtube channel, create an account and sign up for Google Adsense so that you can get paid for your Youtube videos. 

20. Read what the Bible has to say about your beauty and hair.

21. Read natural hair books or literature related to the care of curly hair, whether it is wavy or super curly.

22. Use My Joie Gel- Botanical Gel to slick your edges.

23. Subscribe to Kis for Kinky's blog.

24 Check out Naptural85's channel and blog.

25. Check out Denim Pixie also known as Elle her on Youtube. Check out her blog at Quest for the Perfect Curl. She has some good information about hair products catered to natural hair.

26. Check out my blog and website

27. Eat foods containing B vitamins like Biotin to promote healthy hair and thickness

28. Remember Curly Hair takes longer to moisturize because it is like a curvy straw. It is hard for moisture to get into the curves of our hair. 

29. Be Patient in your natural hair journey.

30. Love your hair and take care of it.

31. If you are transitioning, you do not have to big chop. But if you are tired of dealing with two hair textures, just cut it. It will grow back.

32. Read Natural Chica's Blog. She has good product reviews on her blog.

33. Check out Prettylittlefro's blog. Prettylittlefro is here on Youtube.

34. Subscribe to Beautiful Brown Baby Doll's Channel

35. Love your journey at whatever stage you are in.